Is Paiko a cat killer?

Just look at this beauty. Paiko is everyone’s friend. He is our comrade; we have experienced many ups and downs together. We haven’t met any people who showed dislike or fright towards our dog. Everyone loved him. There have even been situations where we made friends because of Paiko. That was in Lithuania. In the …

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The instant noodle massage

Friday afternoon. Robertas calls me and suggests that we finish his intense week on a high note with a relaxing massage. That’s great. My annoyance at another wastefully squandered day in the Philippines turns into a smile. Within seconds, I am furiously checking online for a good massage salon. People in the Philippines can call …

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Why Puerto Princesa is the place for Crusoes, not Princesses

I still remember the day when we moved to the Philippines. On our first flight here, we saw the city of Puerto PRINCESA in Palawan in-flight display on the plane. After noticing the name, Robertas started pointing at it and making jokes about how this so-called port of princesses was named after me. It was …

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